Friday, Friday!

Here are my faves this Friday the fifteenth...

I know it's difficult to be obsessed with a hand soap, but y'all, this soap...

It makes me want to wash my hands a million times a day. And with a three-year-old boy at home, that's really not a bad idea.

This super quick and easy dinner...

Eaten outside because #spring. I followed this recipe for Korean Beef Bowls from Damn Delicious, but added lots of cashews for crunch (peanuts would work as well), plus some snap peas for a green and subbed in chives from the garden since we didn't have any green onions on hand. Yummy and delicious, Husby gave it two thumbs up, but the best part was: it took fifteen minutes to get on the table (twenty if you have to also cook the rice). Holla!


Spring Blooms!

(Our Dogwood Tree in the side yard)

After five years in the desert, I'm all about spring and the gorgeous flowers popping up everywhere!

(Backyard Rose)

I spiffed up my About Me section!
Check it out here

I'm closing in on 100 classes at Pure Barre!

How fun is it that they do this special celebration? I wish all of life was like this!

Read about my love for PB and PB Platform here and here...
and have an amazing weekend!


  1. That soap sounds amazing! All I use is B&B Works soap, so I need to try and find this one... I haven't ever seen it before. It sounds like a really unique scent, though!

  2. I discovered it at the Pure Barre bathroom and I had to find it immediately!! I love everything about it - the name, the picture on the bottle, the scent! I need to stockpile them :)


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