Confessional Thursday

1. At any given time during the day, you can find at least two half-full cups of coffee anywhere downstairs. Chasing after an almost three-year-old, I feel like I can never finish a cup of coffee while it's hot. Most often, the mugs get left on my bathroom vanity, in my closet, perched on the ottoman in the playroom, hidden on the console table in the den... and then I make a new one. Thank goodness for Keurigs. I'm positive my husband thinks I drink about thirteen cups a day as evidenced by the dishwasher come dinnertime.

2. There is a total mystery going on with our knife block. A while back, we lost a chef knife. As in, we have no idea where it went and there is a missing spot on our knife block. Then, just last week, it happened with the kitchen shears. I know I used them, and then realized a couple days later that they weren't in the block. I figured they were in the dishwasher or drying rack... until I checked, and they weren't. Y'all we now have two missing spots in our knife block! This is weird, right? Am I accidently throwing them away? That seems pretty difficult, but I wouldn't put it past me...

3. ... because I also melted a stick of butter into a floor vent last week. Don't judge. I was trying to get it quickly to room temperature so I placed it on the vent, forgot about it while wrangling my toddler, and came back to a kitchen that smelled deliciously of melted butter. Husby said at least it wasn't as bad as the time I let the marble rolling pin roll off the counter onto the hardwoods. Oops. P.S. Melted butter is ridiculously difficult to clean off anything. Think a greasy slip and slide that also smells like fresh baked bread.

4. Earlier this week, I had to search online for my polling location. Fun Fact: Alabama is an open primary state, the first time I've lived in one! Also, we are part of Super Tuesday, when eleven other states headed to the polls this year. Anyway, I entered all my information on Alabama's website and was scrolling for my county. I could not for the life of me find Maricopa county. And do you know why? Maricopa county is where Scottsdale is located. We haven't lived in Maricopa county since 2014. It's in Arizona. Yikes.

It finally dawned on me that I live in Madison county, so, whew, I was able 
to figure out where I was supposed to be on Tuesday.
Don't forget to head to the polls for primaries this year with the rest of your state if you haven't already! 


  1. We have a random missing fork and spoon. Can't find them anywhere. I thought that maybe I brought them to work and left them in my desk - nope. Just gone. I can relate to the butter thing as well. I once dropped a bowl of melted butter on the kitchen floor and that butter got EVERYWHERE. It was the biggest pain to clean up.

  2. I lost a knife to our knife block a long time ago and never have found it. Weirds me out that is somewhere in the house, but not in my kitchen. And I can relate to the coffee. I do it with coffee, water and tea. So bad with it. At least I can keep my wine glass with me and only drink out of that one. Haha. Though I don't drink wine daily or all day.

  3. The melted stick of butter! Hahahaha!

  4. I feel like the melted butter is something I would totally do!!! I've tried putting things on my oven while it's on to warm it up - forget about it and then there is goo all over my stove top. Yup! One burner still won't turn on after a brown sugar debacle. lol.

    I have so many missing things and I can't understand why either! It's supposed to be socks that go missing not everything else!

    I hope your Thrusday and the rest of your week turn out good!! =)
    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  5. Oh my gosh, the melted butter is actually really funny! I can only imagine how much of a pain it was to clean up though. Hoping you find your missing knifes soon ;) Yay for voting!

  6. This is funny! �� I love reading your blog!

  7. The melted butter is totally something I would do! Sorry it was such a task cleaning it up though! I bet your house smelled great, though.


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