Bunnies Be Hoppin'

1. Happy Easter Weekend! I have no idea how this will be our second Easter in Alabama! Parker is all about the Easter Bunny this year, and we are headed to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow for an Easter Bunny photo opp! Parker really wants to "give him a hug" (melt my heart).

2. I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest to make a house for Peeps! 

I used graham crackers and frosting to make the actual house (think gingerbread houses) and then let Parker go to town. It actually would have been a great craft for a playdate! 

Everything was edible - even the grass! 

Parker couldn't wait to show his handiwork to Daddy when he came home from work. 
Parker: That Peep is happy!
Daddy: Why is that Peep happy?
Parker: Because he's home.

3. Spring refresh in the den...

4. Easter egg dyeing...

This was Parker's first year dyeing eggs the traditional way. He was so excited to do it!

5. A few weeks ago, I blogged about ordering this hat (on sale right now through Easter Sunday!):

I was super impressed when it arrived in the mail. It's double lined so it's nice and sturdy, and I think it's a steal for the money. The sale is making me think I need it in black, too! ;)

Hoppy Easter, everyone!


  1. Those peep houses are so adorable! I have to try those next year :)

  2. We finally got around to dyeing our eggs today, but so glad we squeezed it in. It's a tradition I love.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Parker is too cute...especially in that Easter outfit matching his bunny! Love the peeps houses, pinning that idea, for sure!


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