Friday, Friday

Well, hello, Friday! Mine started off bright and early (er, dark and early seeing as the sun was not yet up) for 5:45AM Pure Barre class - my twentieth in twenty days! I was following one of their incentive programs - their "Pure Consistency" challenge. The reward for completing is being able to sign one of the ballet barres, and also getting the next set of twenty classes for just a dollar a class. But I'm wild and crazy and also celebrated afterwards at 6:45AM with an Eggnog Latte (ordered via Starbucks mobile, of course!)

My very favorite show, Top Chef, is coming back to television! Or, seeing as we officially bit the bullet and removed our T.V. from over the fireplace since it wasn't plugged in anyway, it's coming back to the computer via streaming :) 

Gail Simmons (my favorite) announced on Instagram, and I'm all sorts of nostalgic for California seeing as the new season will be set there. I will seriously scream out loud if they hit up any of my favorites from the Bay Area or Santa Barbara! In other news, we officially need something to hang above the fireplace now that it's television-less. Seeing as I have been banned politely encouraged to not bring any more chalkboards into the house, I'm going to instead try to sway husby on my second-most favorite obsession: faux animal heads. To be continued...

Speaking of chalkboards, our kitchen chalkboard wall is all about Thanksgiving, but I'm sneaking in my very merriness with Christmas pajams. Husby is adamant about not decorating for Christmas pre-Thanksgiving, but I've been sneaking in Santas below the radar, shhhh....

...and maybe some reindeer antlers, too. Target for the win!

Don't worry, we are still soaking up all things Thanksgiving and all things fall. Autumn toddler crafting is the best!

 Cork stamping... just another excuse to pop open a bottle of champagne!

And these? The cutest little edible turkeys you've ever seen, right? I just used this recipe for a peanut butter & cream cheese ball, but instead of one big one I made lots of little ones. Then I added pretzels, candy eyes and gummies. Super easy (and delicious).  

Happy less-than-a-week until Turkey Day, y'all! 
(And yes, seriously, when did that happen and where did October go?)


  1. I'm so behind on Top Chef, but we don't have TV either, so I am going to have to watch this via streaming too! Go you for getting up so early to go to Pure Barre! I cherish my sleep too much to get up that early if I don't have to. Your Thanksgiving crafts and treats look great! Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love those turkey plates...that's a craft I can handle at home! Ha!! My husband was on the pilot show of Top Chef, but he lost, haha!! And way to go on Pure Barre!! I am trying my first class this Wednesday night!!


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