Five on Friday!

Happy Weekend!


You may have noticed the absence of Taco Tuesday this week - Taco Tuesday on the blog will officially be taking a break until the new year. With the holiday season in full swing, there are just too many fun festive things to be working on instead right now! We're still munching on tacos each Tuesday, of course, but we'll be doing repeat recipes here at the Klein Casa for the time being. Look out for Taco Tuesday coming back in full effect in 2016. (Click here for a round-up of Taco Tuesdays past.) Giveaway Wednesday will be on hiatus after next week as well. (Click here to enter the Chatbooks Giveaway if you haven't already!). 


It's our first November in Alabama! This equals mums and pumpkins on the front porch, and leaves, leaves, leaves.

The this pile is so big my child can jump in it kind of leaves. Something my sunny California girl self knew nothing about. But I must say, Parker had a blast.


My newest obsession: Starbucks mobile ordering. When I first heard of the service, I thought it was ridiculous. I didn't see the point in ordering a coffee that would probably be cold by the time you got to it. Then I did my first 6AM Pure Barre class. Leaving class afterwards had me craving a cappuccino... so this happened...

My first mobile order. All I had to do was walk in and grab my coffee that was waiting on the counter. The Starbucks between the studio and our house is always busy and usually has a line to order, plus people waiting for their orders to be ready. I got to bypass everyone (and feel super special). Best. Thing. Ever. And since the Starbucks was just a couple minutes away from the studio, my coffee was of course still hot. Seriously, genius. That is, until everyone else catches on, ha! For now, it's totally speeding my return home (which is especially nice at seven in the morning when husby is waiting on me to head out to work).

As for Pure Barre, it's quickly becoming my next obsession. I'm currently on Day 13 of a 20 Day challenge. That's right, starting November 1st I've been doing one class a day and absolutely loving it. 


And as for husby, when he's heading off to work these days, he's driving there in Sandy! Congrats to him for basically taking apart his project car again this summer, and getting her to run better than ever. There seriously isn't a piece on this car that he hasn't touched - it's hard to even imagine that not long ago he picked it up salvaged at auction. He's still the smartest person I know, and now I really believe there isn't anything he can't do.


Soaking up all things turkey and Thanksgiving now...


  1. That turkey handprint is SO cute!! I'm going to try that this week :) Thanks!! XO

  2. I took a pure barre class and would totally go back to take another one.


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