Friday, Friday!

My calendar says October, we are busy being spooky, scary festive, and yet, I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's really October. October! Here's what we've been up to...

1. Gingerbread Skeletons
Halloween cookies? Check! We went wild and instead of regular sugar cookies, we made gingerbread cookies and piped on white icing to make skeletons! I had never done homemade gingerbread cookies, but I quickly learned they are every bit worth the effort! I used this recipe from Gimme Some Oven, and I was in love with how our kitchen smelled! So spicy and festive :) 

Parker was my sweet helper - he has so much fun in the kitchen helping me stir the cookie dough.  

After the cookies baked and cooled, I melted some white chocolate wafers and piped on the skeletons. Parker is obsessed with these little guys!

2. Cool Down 
We enjoyed some nice chilly weather here in Alabama... boots, vests, jackets, hello fall! I even used my car's seat heater for the first time this season. 

3. Festive Coffee
I'm a sucker for anything labeled "fall" :)

4. Littlest Jack-o-Lantern
Festive clothing? Can't get enough! 

5. Apples, Apples, Apples
We are still getting tons of crisp Alabama apples in our CSA boxes. We whipped up these fresh apple rings for a healthy, yummy snack! These are the ones I made, but Parker also loved decorating his slices - a perfect toddler activity. 

Hope you are having just as fun October-ing! 


  1. Those apples look delicious and remind me that I really need to invest in an apple slicer! Happy Friday!

  2. You are having such a great October! I'm hoping that our October gets going soon now that we've dried out from the flooding and now that the temperatures are cooling down some. Happy Weekend!

  3. Those apple rings look so yummy. What a great idea for a healthy snack.

  4. how cute are those skeleton cookies?! and i want that jack o lantern tee for myself haha.

  5. This post just made me hungry! I want those adorable skeleton cookies and Y-U-M to apple rings!! Hope you guys have had a good weekend!

  6. The gingerbread skeletons look seriously amazing!


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