Pumpkin Patchin' It - Lyon Family Farms

Last Saturday morning, we made the half-hour drive up to Tennessee to visit Lyon Family Farm, where we heard we could pick our own pumpkins. I had never seen an actual, cut-your-own patch before, so I was twelve kinds of excited. 

The farm completely exceeded all our expectations. It was amazing, full of tons of activities for little ones, and if you're in the Tennessee Valley area, we highly recommend it. There's actually another pick-your-own farm that is closer to our home, but we had heard that Lyon Family Farm was geared more toward young children. Parker was actually still too young for many things (the zip line, the jump dome, the giant slides) but we were still able to stay three hours without even realizing it!

We started with sliding and tether ball...

Cute photo-opps abounded. I believe this is a Southern thing. Unfortunately, Parker wanted nothing to do with posing. 

There were actual tears shed for our family photo, eek!

Thinking he was maybe just hangry, we decided to cheer him up with his first funnel cake. 

Yes. Just, yes.

After our healthy morning snack (ha!) we headed over to the animals. 

Parker loved pointing out the goats, sheep, pigs, horses, and cows, and making noises for each. 

There was feed for purchase, but Parker was too timid to get close enough for that (as he says, "maybe next year").

 We then hopped on the hay bale ride to head out to the actual pumpkin patch! At this point, it started to sprinkle. We had the weirdest weather that day - after super cold days of jackets and scarves, this day was relatively warm and muggy, with surprise rain! Luckily, it only sprinkled a tiny bit on us, and the rest came down on our way home. 

Our ride out to the patch brought us by tons and tons of pumpkins - so much fun for me!

 Parker chose this green guy (all pick-your-own pumpkins were $5 each).

Max brought a pocket knife that had a mini saw so he could cut the pumpkin from the vine.

A real pumpkin patch! My heart was so happy. 

Party of three!

After we took the hay bale ride back to the center of the farm, Max and Parker went back to the animals and I perused the pumpkins and flowers for sale. Just like monograms, Mums seem to be a Southern staple in the fall. They are on pretty much every single front porch in our neighborhood; it's darling.

Also, I wanted all the pumpkins.

I refrained and this was my haul.

I caught back up with my boys and we headed back to the activity area.

Best daddy ever.

Also, this corn box was a hit.

Parker kept requesting to be buried.

Then there was this. 

Yes, a pig race. (Technically they were piglets.) 

Hands down this was Parker's favorite part of the entire morning. He talked about the pig race for days after.

Max snapped this photo of Sweet P and me on the way out. Melt. My. Heart.

Except that there is a bee on my shirt. A bee! I had no idea until we downloaded the photos. Apparently the bee didn't think we were sweet because he left us alone (thank goodness!).

Lyon Family Farm, we'll see you next year!


  1. Looks like such a beautiful place! You got some great pics on your trip :) Also, that funnel cake looks AMAZING!!

    1. Awww, thanks, Kelly! Baby's first funnel cake!! :)

  2. Love your boys twinning!! Beautiful family Amanda!! What a fun day!! Love your top too!!

    1. Thank you! I would have those boys matching every day if I could!

  3. What a fun adventure. Definitely a place to go back to!

  4. This looks like a great pumpkin patch to go visit. What a great day trip!

    1. Things are so different in the south! Our Scottsdale pumpkin patch had cactuses!

  5. So many great photos! I seriously love the matching shirts Parker and Max wear!


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