Mama Bear + Man Cub

It's no secret that I love matchy matchy clothes for Max and Parker. So when I saw something for me and Parker, I just couldn't resist. Our little outfit duo is from Brittany of TXChicApparel. She pretty much won me over with the awesome floral faux antlers in her store header (I'm slightly obsessed with faux animal heads and antlers).

But what really won me over was her unique, clever merchandise. I mean, I totally feel like the Mamma Bear sometimes, and I just died over the label Man Cub. The shirts are made of really thick fabric and are excellent quality. I haven't washed them yet but I'm planning just a cold wash and line dry. 

Parker and I totally donned our new tops for a trip to the organic market :)

There are lots of other gems in Brittany's shop. How cute are these shirts? I think they'd be perfect for a set of parents-to-be, or even donned as a way to announce a pregnancy! 

Thank you to Brittany for our fun outfits! And for making this little man cub so happy :)

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