Garden Update - August

So last I left off on the garden updating, we had lost an heirloom tomato plant to our adorable and apparently very hungry chipmunks. Max installed some chicken wire to protect the second heirloom tomato plant, but he didn't get to it in time and significant damage had already been done to the stalk. Even so, there was one tomato that hadn't yet been nabbed! Unfortunately, the tomato plant was on the decline after this and that would be the last one it produced. 

It still ripened out there on the vine, but the rest of the plant kind of withered away. Parker still loved checking on it, though, and was so excited when it turned red

Gardens are the best!

I've since removed the remnants of the tomato plant (luckily we're getting tons in our weekly CSA baskets - and I'll know next year to protect them from the beginning). What's really doing amazing right now is our okra!!

I planted the okra at Max's request (he's from Texas and grew up on the stuff!). I, on the other hand being a California girl, had never tried okra until Max and I started dating (I started with pickled okra, which is actually pretty tasty!). The okra was the only thing I planted from seed (not starters) so I was a bit worried it wouldn't take off, but it's loving our hot, hot weather right now!

Already growing up to be an okra-loving, young southern gentleman!

Also, did you get a look at those okra flowers??

Here's a close up. These babies only bloom for a day! So they are super easy to miss. But very unique, no? 

I'm still loving heading out to the garden whenever I need fresh herbs, and the bell pepper plant is doing well, also. Parker just loves to find those peppers!

Evenings in the garden are still my fave! Especially with this munchkin as my helper :)

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  1. Glad that your okra is doing well! Must be nice to be able to walk out to the backyard and grab some fresh produce for dinner :)


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