Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Max had his first business trip of the year this week (and first since we moved to the new house). We we have been missing Dada and are ready for him to be home tonight! Yeah! Here's what else is on my mind this wintry Friday...

1. Our playroom! 
From day one it has been my very favorite spot in the new house. It's upstairs and had skylights so we get lots of sun here, and we kept everything soft and carpeted for little man to be comfy. We mixed and matched all of our old furniture when we moved to the new house because the new house's layout was so different from our old one; we actually didn't have a "playroom" at the old house, so this new room was drawn from a bunch of different places (the sofas are from our old den, the teepee from the former great room, the ottoman and wall art from Parker's old room...). We are still missing our children's bookcase that will go under the wall art (it was damaged in the move so we are in the middle of our claim to the moving company) but other than that it's a finished space! We've already logged in so much time in this room - I love it!

2. My budding artist
We usually have "coloring" time in the evenings while I'm fixing dinner. Parker sits in his highchair and goes to town with his "gwuhs" (crayons). I decided to mix it up last night and brought out a leftover set of watercolors from my classroom days. Little man had a blast! I hopped on Amazon and ordered bigger (more toddler appropriate) brushes for him, plus liquid watercolors that I read are also more toddler friendly (they are easier to keep separate while painting versus the trays that can end up all mixed together). Parker may or may not have started painting his hands and arms during his session, eek! 

3. Speaking of art
We have this Michelle Armas print coming our way, yippee! It's funny, we "downsized" moving into the new house (by about 800 square feet!) yet we have way more walls now (our first house was very, very open so there were very few walls). I'm having so much fun planning out gallery walls and picking out art like this canvas! The colors are so bright and vibrant, it makes me happy just looking at it. Now, to decide where it will go...


4. Yum
Max's business travel was to Atlanta. As soon as I heard his destination, I reminded him that Richard Blais (Top Chef All Stars Winner) has a restaurant there and he had to go. He was totally on board and I made his reservation for "one" from my phone right then and there. Max dined at the restaurant (The Spence) last night and I got a play-by-play via text pictures. I was twelve kinds of jealous. Apparently this semifreddo was amazing. Sigh. I'm trying to convince Max we need to do a family Atlanta trip for Parker's upcoming birthday, partially for their awesome aquarium and partially for this dessert. 

5. Bye-Bye Boot!
This is our last photo with the boot...

That's right, as of Monday we have been boot-free! Parker seriously was such a trooper with his broken leg, still being his happy go-lucky self even though he couldn't walk. The leg was rather shaky when he fist attempted walking, but he is almost back to normal! He's quite a bit slower than pre-fracture Parker, and I am constantly worried about him falling again, but it's amazing to see him up and walking again! My heart is so happy!

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  1. It's so nice to "meet" you, Mande!! I am also a teacher turned SAHM living in the South.

    Your son is adorable and I love that you have daily art time. My daughter is into eating crayons right now so we've switched to Twistables :) I love your play room and the new art that you've ordered for your home is gorgeous!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your son's fracture. It sounds like he's on the mend, but that had to have been hard on everyone. My daughter badly burned her hand back at Thanksgiving and we have spent months recovering and are hopefully wrapping things up.

    Glad to meet you and I look forward to following your blog :)

  2. I love your playroom! The tent looks so fun! Where did you find it?


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