January Reads

I didn't make a New Year's resolution for 2015, but I did make goals to drink more water (check), use my new Clarisoniceach night (check), and read before bed instead of fiddling on my phone. You know, good, old fashioned paper reading. I had read that screens before bed can disrupt sleep, so this was my attempt at a better night's rest.  I hadn't been sleeping so well, waking up all through the night with headaches from clenching my jaw - yes, this was probably due more to the stress from my little family relocating cross-country, and most recently my sweet baby having a broken leg, but still, I was hoping that having some quiet book time in bed to wind down my day would help me sleep better.

Shopaholic to the Stars

I started off the year with super light chic lit: Shopaholic to the Stars. Yes, this is a series, and yes I started reading the Shopaholics in college. But I couldn't resist snatching this latest one up. I actually laughed out loud at parts, following the main character (a Brit!) making her way in Southern California. Unlike all the other Shopaholic books which are pretty isolated, this one (spoiler alert!) leaves off with a cliff hanger and a second half book to-follow (slightly annoying as I enjoy closure, but what are you gonna do?). I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys silly, light hearted stories and wants to be entertained. 

Next up was The Silent Wife. I was being a photo stalker and saw this title in the background of a picture one of my Arizona mom friends sent to me. She had just started reading it, and said that it had been compared to Gone Girl. I was sold and snatched it up via Amazon Prime before I even put my phone down. This book started off amazing for me. I was so into it, and thought that the author was doing a phenomenal job of painting the characters in a way that made the reader really dissect them and their psyches. However, I had been set up to expect Gone Girl. I kept waiting for something big to happen. I felt like I was in the kitchen watching a simmering pot of water, waiting for it to boil. It never did. So. Disappointing. I was expecting much more crazy to come out, for shocking aspects of the characters' personalities and pasts to smack me in the face à la GG. The entire second half of the book was just downhill for me. My Arizona mom friend agreed. I'm not sure if it was doomed for us because we had expectations going in that it would be different? If you've read this book, please tell what you thought!

After reading The Silent Wife, I needed another light and fluffy read (it was, after all, about a murder. No spoiler alert there, the first page names the killer to-be). I decided to pick up the latest by Andy Cohen (Bravo TV Genius). Max and I enjoyed watching his show Watch What Happens Live back when we had cable. Andy is fun and quirky (he gives a Mazel of the day on each show!) and since I love all things Bravo (Top Chef, The Real Housewives) I thought this book would explain a bit of the ins and outs of the network. The book is structured as a diary, basically a running internal monologue of Andy Cohen (no plot, story line, etc). If you can put up with that, it's mildly entertaining (my favorites were bits of his VIP life like entering a hotel room that had been stocked with his favorite foods and framed Instagram photos of his dog- I mean, how awesome would that be?). Also, this book is only for those who can decipher celebrity acronyms like SJP and NPH. Others need not apply. (SJP and NPH are Sarah Jessica Parker and Neil Patrick Harris, in case you wanted to quiz your celeb knowledge).  

The Girl on the Train

Next up is another Gone Girl comparison - The Girl on the Train. I'm trying to hold my expectations low so I'm not disappointed again. If Gillian Flynn could just publish another book that'd be great, thanks. 

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