(Still) Moving

Relocation. Really, it should be a four-letter word. We have been "relocating" since June. It was five months of single-momming it in Scottsdale with Max working on the other side of the country, followed by the last month of living out of a suitcase. I am ridiculously happy that we are all back together, but I miss my clothes. Silly, I know, but I currently have two pairs of pajamas that I have been wearing since October. They pretty much need to be washed after each wear because a certain almost-21-month-old is constantly covering them in yogurt at breakfast. Why so messy you ask? Oh, because we are still eating on the floor in our one-bedroom rental. Which reminds me, I miss high chairs, and tables and couches, too. And our Christmas decorations. Don't get me started on the Christmas decorations. You see, we were only supposed to be in the empty one-bedroom for a week. We were set to close on our Alabama house on December 1st. Just a few days prior to that, some problems were uncovered on the seller's side that delayed closing, which also affected our move. We had to cancel our move-in date, keep our things in storage, and extend our stay in the condo. Just this past week were able to secure another move-in day, whew! I know we are extremely lucky to have movers, and to not be doing the heavy lifting. We are lucky that our closing even happened, and that we own a house. This was also a move of choice, and an incredible opportunity for Max's career and for our family. But really, I'll be happy to not ever again have to do meals like this:

Not that it seems to be bothering little man. He's pretty happy with life, period. 

And really, the delay moving in is giving us a chance to explore the new house, do some cleaning and even have some painting done.  

Parker is already feeling right at home whenever we visit.

 Looking forward to when "visiting" changes to "living" - counting the days! Hi, New House!

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  1. Omg, could he be any cuter?! Your new house looks gorgeous, too -- you'll be in there before you know it and this will all be a distant memory :)


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