Road Tripping Day Three

Sweet P and I enjoyed an extended stay in Dallas with Gigi over November, and we were rejoined by Max for Thanksgiving. That Saturday we tackled the entire rest of our cross-country road trip. Here's what we were looking at as we piled in the car late Saturday morning. Oy. 

We had Max's one bedroom condo waiting for us in Alabama, so we vowed to do the entire drive in one day and just be done with it.

Lucky for us, this second leg of the journey was much more scenic. We had a gorgeous day to be driving and got to see all the changing fall colors. 
Sweet P again was amazing. He loved looking out the window and spotting all of his favorites (yield signs, water and radio towers, stop signs, trees), and also spent some time enjoying his books.

Family selfie! 

We spotted this awesome town in Arkansas!

Parker got a little fussy so we put on Taylor Swift and he was happy again! He took a little nap and literally woke up with an excited battle cry. It was hilarious! He was SO happy to be waking up in the car with so much to see.

It was dark when we rolled into Tennessee. We hit Cracker Barrel in Memphis for dinner (and to stretch our legs). Parker made the rounds and probably circled the restaurant and general store a hundred times. 

Little Man fell asleep soon after we passed into Mississippi as it was getting late!

We reached Max's condo in Huntsville around midnight. It was a long day but we made it!

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