5 on Friday

This was our first week living in Alabama! There were three of us in the one-bedroom temporary condo, eek! Here's how it went down...

1. Monday
Dada was off to work so it was just me and Sweet P, on our own in our new state for the first time. We went grocery shopping at Publix and I even had dinner on the table when Max came home from work. And when I say "table" I mean "floor" because we basically have no furniture in our temporary condo so it's picnics for days here. Literally.

2. Tuesday
Our first rainy day! Parker and I checked out Storytime at the Huntsville library (it will be just a walk away when we move into our new house!).

3. Wednesday
I had my first I'm from California and people can't understand me moment. I was dropping off Max's dry cleaning and I walked in with Parker and my bag of laundry and announced that I had some men's shirts and slacks to drop off, but it was my first time in the store. The woman at the counter just stared at me. I was waiting for her to ask for my name or phone number, but she just stared. Later I realized it's because she had no idea what I had said. Something similar happened on our first trip out here, but I was the one with the language barrier (I couldn't understand a word of what our rental car agent was saying). So weird to be on the other end! Max has always said I have a California accent, and now I might believe him! We met Max for lunch this day and did a walk-through of the new house, then Max was off to the airport for a business trip and P and I would be flying solo for the rest of the week.

4. Thursday
Parker and I hit up Bridge Street Town Centre to get our shop on. I get tired of feeding my son on the floor so I vow to eat out for the rest of the meals until we get our house, ha!

 5. Friday!
The most exciting day of all - we bought a house!! We had been having some issues with closing (not on our end) so it was SUCH a relief to finally get it done! Parker was perfect for the whole closing, and I had power of attorney for Max so it was a lot of signing for me! But it's done and we couldn't be happier. Max returns tonight and we can't wait to get our move on! Happy Friday!


  1. How funny that they couldn't understand your accent!! The Cali accent is the most popular and easiest one to understand!!

    Yay for your house!!!
    And now I want to go to the south and check out a publix I've heard so much through the blog world!!

  2. Congrats on the new home. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  3. Congrats on closing on your new home! I remember it taking forever and ever to get there, but it was definitely well worth the wait.

    And I'm stopping by from Five on Friday but had to stop and comment since I too am a former California girl now living in the South!


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