PCK 13 Months

Our sweet Parker Campbell Klein is thirteen months old! 

Height: 30.5+ inches

Weight: 20 lbs.

Hair: Dark blonde with some curls in the back

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: 12 month and 18 month, depending on the brand

Health: Parker caught his first cold this month! Little man had a runny nose, but nothing too bad. Tooth number seven came in this month (his bottom left).

Sleep: Parker continues to be the BEST little sleeper! Bedtime is still around 7:30pm and Parker still wakes up around 7:30am. Max always gets Parker from his crib (unless he’s already off to work) and brings him down to our bedroom where I still nurse him first thing before we do anything else. Parker still takes a nice solid morning nap (1-2 1/2 hours) and another in the afternoon (1-2 hours). Before Parker goes down for his nap, we always read books in his nursery. He walks right over to me and plops down beside me, so happy to be read to! It’s darling! He almost always goes down for his naps without even a peep, sweet babe!

Diet: Parker is drinking more cow’s milk (from his sippy cup) so we are down to nursing just once a day now in the mornings when he wakes up. Parker’s favorite foods this month include yogurt, French Toast Bake, blueberries, avocado, Colby and Mozzarella cheese, and bites of mommy’s sandwiches. Little man will never turn down sweet potato, and sometimes becomes obsessed with a random food like broccoli and can’t shovel down enough of it fast enough. Little man also tried peanut butter for the first time this month and loved it (so much that he got it all over his face, arms and head!).

Likes: Water (especially if he is swimming in it!), ceiling fans (he points to them when entering a room), being tickled and held upside down by daddy (this makes Parker smile and giggle), being read to or just flipping through books on his own, walking, opening and closing doors, balls and balloons, riding in daddy’s convertible, and mamma (when Parker was first learning to walk he would always come right back to me, and even now when he’s off and about he will walk back to me to check in – he will put his head on my chest and suck on his finger – even if it’s just for a few seconds and my heart completely melts).

Social: Parker is so sweet, happy, and gentle! He points with his index finger all the time at anything he finds of interest (another baby, a ceiling fan, a street sign) and he waves all the time, too! When I get him up from naps, he waves at the window, when he walks across the room he looks back and waves to me, at the grocery store he waves to anyone and everyone who passes by. At Tiny Tot Time at our library last week, Parker left me several times and walked around to all the other adults and babies and just waved, with the biggest smile on his face. Parker has started to play “games” while walking – he’ll pretend to walk toward us, then tilt his head and smile and walk away making sure we are looking. If we “chase” him he’ll squeal with delight, it’s just the cutest. Daddy also plays with him sometimes at meal time, flying Parker’s spoon around until Parker tilts his head back and does a big cheesy grin.

Milestones: Parker surprised me one day while we were reading a book that talked about a baby clapping, and right on cue Parker started clapping! Now all we have to do it turn to that page and he starts clapping! He will also wave when asked to. Parker’s walking skills have improved so much this month, and he now walks indefinitely (as opposed to walking for some finite amount of steps before falling over). He looooves to walk, and will happily walk all around, observing and touching things, making little "ah" sounds.  

Firsts: We purchased a special car seat that fits in the back of Sandy (daddy's project car) so Parker had his first ride in a convertible! It was also his first ride facing forward (his car seat in Pepper still faces backwards). Since then we've gone on a number of "family date nights" in Sandy - spring in the desert is perfect convertible weather! 

Each day is more and more fun with our curious, active toddler!

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