Hoppy Easter 2014

This Easter marked Parker's FIRST second holiday, ha! Little man actually woke up with a cold, poor guy, so he was not his usual self. We still went ahead with Easter celebrations, though, starting with his basket that the Easter bunny filled with books and snacks. 

 Same baby, same basket, one year ago!

Parker also received lots of sweet cards and goodies in the mail! 

We headed outside to look for our colored hardboiled eggs that the Easter Bunny hid!

Little man could actually care less about those eggs, though, and walked right past all of them! He was more interested in looking at the flowers and bee-lining for the swimming pool.
Parker took a nice long morning nap and then was ready for more fun!

Parker is all about walking these days, and if he's awake, he's on the move! 

Or eating, of course. His second favorite thing to do.

After Parker's afternoon nap, we headed to his nursery for a little photo shoot.

Mommy and Me pic!

Kissy bunny!

 Daddy is such a good sport!

Parker with his special Easter egg from his Grandpa Jack & Nana: 

 Same baby, same egg, one year ago!

 Our little bunny has changed so much since last year!

We went on a neighborhood walk before heading out to dinner. Have I mentioned what a great sport my husband is?

Parker loved riding on his tricycle of course! 

 Hoppy Easter selfies from our family to yours!

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  1. Oh my goodness...seeing those pictures from a year ago brings tears to my eyes--I remember like yesterday when his Daddy was this age....Time passes much too quickly. Love every minute! xoxox


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