PCK's 1st Birthday! (Part Two)

The cake was on display, the drinks were cold, we were ready for our guests! Parker took the opportunity to snap the first picture at the photo booth! 

Then it was time to welcome our friends! 

Parker was excited to play with his buddies!

He of course wanted to pose with Miss Alyssa, who made him his incredible masterpiece of a cake!

Outside we had bubbles and a kiddie pool filled with plastic balls instead of water (though I didn't get any photos of either!).

 Soon, it was time for the birthday song and cake!

Parker watching everyone sing Happy Birthday to him!

After we blew out his candle, he was very hesitant to try the cake! I stuck my finger in the frosting and he licked it off, then realized what deliciousness was in front of him and went for it!

Auntie Mimi got it all on video.

Parker kept looking up at me, as if to ask "Is this okay???"

Loving his smashcake!

Capturing the moment! 

Little man is such the leftie. He exclusively used his left hand - when we finally determined he was done, his right hand was completely clean!

Parker's view!

Our birthday boy!

While the party was going on, we collected lots of fun pictures from the photo booth!

Before everyone left, they stopped by the favor table.

Babies got personalized sand buckets with puffs, bubbles, and sippie cups, and everyone else took home tubs of orange cotton candy (I made the personalized labels on my Cameo, of course!).

We are so thankful to have sweet family and friends who made Parker's special day such a memorable one!

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