PCK: Twelve Months Old

I can't believe this was our last month taking pictures in the sweet onesies made by my friend Sondra! I remember looking at the stack of them when Parker was a newborn - it seemed like we had so many. And this month, I took the very last one out of the box. I'm flooded with emotion thinking back to his days as a newborn, but it helps that I'm super excited to see him develop into a toddler, a little being all his own. I'll still keep blogging monthly about Parker's growth and development, though this will be the last monthly-onesie photo shoot! 

Height: 30.5 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 19 lbs. 13 oz. (25th percentile)

Hair: Dark blonde

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: 12 month and 18 month, depending on the brand

Health: Parker had his very first fever and very first Tylenol this month! We think the fever was just from teething, though. It was quick lived and little man was back to normal in no time.

Sleep: We still have an awesome little sleeper! Parker goes down for bed around 7:30 and usually wakes up around 7:30. Parker’s nighttime routine used to include nursing after reading Goodnight Moon, but right around his one-year birthday, he decided he didn’t need it anymore! I offered three nights in a row, then we realized he was just done with nighttime feeds! Funny that we had thought this nursing would be the hardest to wean him from! Parker continues to take a morning nap soon after breakfast and an afternoon nap after lunch.

Diet: Parker is now nursing only two or three times a day (when he wakes up in the morning and usually when he wakes from both naps). This is such a big change from the approximately twelve times a day when he was a newborn! Since he never really took a bottle, he has been in total charge of the weaning process and it’s going really smoothly and pretty naturally, gradually dropping feedings each month as he ups his solid food intake. At Parker’s one-year doctor’s appointment, we got the green light to try shellfish (shrimp got a thumbs-up), eggs (little man prefers scrambled over fried), cow’s milk (he drinks it in a sippy cup but doesn’t ever want a lot) and nut butters (we have yet to try these). Some of Parker’s favorite foods this month included: pancakes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries (noticing a pattern here??), squash, yogurt, and of course his trusty stand-by the sweet potato. Parker continues to enjoy eating bananas like a monkey.

Likes: Parker is fascinated by fans, lights, balloons, airplanes, fire, doors, and electrical outlets (so his father’s son). One day in music class, Parker left the group and crawled to the complete other end of the room to check out the electrical outlet. Parker also loves being read to and flipping the pages in his board books. He will point to pictures and even give them kisses, but calls everything he sees “ba”.

Firsts: First birthday party, first cake, first steps, first trip to the ocean, first St. Patrick’s Day, first “car” (his Cozy Coupe), first “bike ride” (his tricycle)!

Social: We have a happy clapper and waver! Parker will ham it up, especially if we are out at dinner or the grocery store. Parker also likes to play “So Big” where he raises his hands high above his head.

Milestones: Little man is crawling everywhere AND has officially taken his first steps! He looks cute as can be, steadying himself and toddling with his hands raised high above his head! Parker has also started to place objects in specific places rather than just dropping them (more importantly, rather than just knocking everything down, ha!).

Sweet Baby Boy,

This month you turned one-year old! On your birthday, your daddy and I talked all about the day you were born and our trip to the hospital. We even sang you Happy Birthday and took a family photo at 5:01pm on March 18th, the exact time you entered the world!

You have had a busy month celebrating with family from four different states coming to visit! You are so very loved to have so many people who care so much about you. You were showered with gifts, and more importantly love and affection!

One year ago when you were born a week before your due-date, you ended up being born as a Pisces (fish) instead of an Aries (ram). We predicted you would be a water baby and oh-my has this come true! You love the water. I mean looooove the water. It’s where you are your happiest. You put your feet in the chilly Pacific Ocean this month and giggled and wanted more (we could barely pry you away). Every time you are in the backyard, you beeline for the pool and try to walk in. The water is 68 degrees, but this does not deter you in the slightest, so your oh-so wonderful daddy has actually gone in with you to swim. Twice. Your lips are chattering but you are smiling and laughing and having the best time. You even love bath time since you get to kick and splash around. Are you going to be a competitive swimmer like your daddy? Only time will tell!

You have such a sweet and calm disposition; we are so very lucky to have you as our baby! You have been growing like crazy the past few weeks, and it seems like every day you are doing something new! We love to make you smile and giggle, whether it’s playing “This Little Piggie”, or swinging you around, or letting you “feed” us, or just making silly noises. We live for your happy laughs, little man!

Love, Mamma and Dada

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