(Early) Father's Day Fun

We celebrated Father's Day last weekend with a family day of fun (Max has to work on actual Father's Day, boo!). We started out our day with a special brunch for Max. Then, I had to get a little father-son photo shoot in! 

Max loving on the baby boy who made him a daddy! 

He loves our sweet little man so much! 

And I love watching my boys together! 

We live for the bean's smiles! 

Can't get enough of them!

We gave daddy lots of presents for his first Father's Day, including books for him to read to Parker on how to be a "little gentleman", a personalized card, and (what Max really wanted) a shop vac for the garage!

Of course I think the best present was the matching father-and-son shirt set! So looking forward to seeing my boys rock these together! 

I made an ice cream pie to celebrate the occasion!

 I wasn't the only one taking pictures!

Ice Cream Pie directions: I mixed a half gallon of coffee ice cream in our kitchen aid, which made it nice and soft and easy to work with. I spread it in a graham cracker shell, let freeze, then covered with hot fudge and let freeze again. The finishing touches were the writing and Redi Whip border! 

 After dessert we headed outside to attempt Parker's first time in the pool! 

Unfortunately, Parker told us that he needed a nap, stat! 

So we tried again later in the day...

P's first official dip in the water! On his way to becoming a water baby!  

Happy first Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

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