A Day in the Life...

Since daddy was out of the country last week, Parker and I decided to document a couple of our days to share with daddy, and to be able to look back on later on :) Parker also decided to begin his three-month growth spurt the exact day that daddy left! This meant lots of sleepless nights feeding the bean. Here's our "Day in the Life - Growth Spurt Edition" Day One...

9:30AM Parker wakes up for his morning feed (He was up several times throughout the night to eat, way more than usual!). He is still sleeping in his cradle which is in our room, so I pull him into bed with me to nurse him. I wish him a happy 12 week birthday and give him lots of smiles and kisses. After, I place Parker on his play mat in our bathroom. He looks at the toys and in the mirror and I shower and get ready for the day. 

10:00AM It's time to get little man ready for the day. We head up to the nursery and I change him and get him dressed while singing to sweet baby boy. Parker lately wants to put everything in his mouth! He especially has been going for his left thumb - it's so sweet to see him try to suck on it!

Parker's fun outfit was courtesy of my sweet mom, and comes from The Gap :)

10:30AM We're back downstairs. Parker goes in his swing in the kitchen while I whip up breakfast. He takes a little nap while I eat and do dishes. Max calls on facetime to say that he's made it to the UK, where he'll be on business travel for the next two weeks (insert sad face!). It's almost dinnertime for him. We chat about his flight and I show him our sleeping son :)

11:30AM Parker wakes from his nap and we do a quick feeding before heading out for music class. 

12:30PM We make it just in time for the start of our Infant Rythyms class at Musicology. The next hour-ish is spent singing, clapping, dancing, watching bubbles, and doing tummy time with a whole class of 0-6 month olds. We love it! 

1:30PM We head out from Musicology and I drive through In-N-Out to pick up a yummy lunch! Parker nods off along the way - Musicology wears him out! 

2:00PM We are home from Musicology! It's time for the bean to eat and go down for his afternoon nap in his crib. 

3:00PM Little man is finally fed, soothed, rocked and now sleeping in his crib. Time for mamma to eat! 

3:30PM I head upstairs to the guest room and try to take a nap (trying to do the "sleep while your baby's sleeping" thing). I never really fall asleep but I do get some rest!

4:30PM Enough resting, I decide to tackle my craft room which is currently a mess of pre-preggers clothes and old teaching supplies. 

5:30PM I hear little man's cries and head into the nursery to get him. I change him and feed him.

6:00PM Play time on the mat in the den! Parker is not liking his tummy time today, though. We try it anyway and then I put Parker back on his back. We have yet to see him roll over yet but it could be any day now! I take out my new favorite children's book and read to him. 

The book is called The Night You Were Born and the first few times I read it to our sweet baby I had a hard time not crying!

7:00PM Parker hangs out in his swing and I think about dinner. When Max is gone I usually snack or do something simple. I remember we have leftover kale in the fridge so I google "crispy kale" recipes thinking I can pair it with some chicken ravioli. Turns out crispy kale basically requires dumping the leafy green on a pan and sticking it in the oven. Sold! 

8:00PM Parker sleeps in his swing while I clean up and do dishes. 

8:30PM I put Parker's jams on, give him a swaddle and do a nighttime feed in bed before placing sleeping baby boy in his cradle. 

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