A Day in the Life: Growth Spurt Edition Day 2

8:30AM I wake up to this happy little man. I ended up putting him in bed with me somewhere around five in the morning after he had been getting up to feed every hour. Oh, dear! It's his three-month I need to eat all the time growth spurt. Seeing his smiles make everything better though! I feed Parker in bed and notice that he is officially too long for his sleep sack! His little feet stick out of the bottom and I'm sad that this means the end of these cute pajamas. 

9:00AM I snuggle and sing to Parker and we do some tummy time on the bed. 

9:30AM I take Parker up to his nursery to get him ready for the day. Next it's mamma's turn and Parker plays on his mat in the master bathroom while I shower. 

10:00AM Breakfast time! I'm on a smoothie kick these days. This one is made from unsweetened vanilla almond milk, plain greek yogurt, frozen mango and half a banana. So creamy and delicious! Parker takes a snooze in his swing while I put a load of laundry in. 

11:00AM Parker wakes up and eats, then we are off to yoga!

12:00PM We start class and it's just me and one other mom. We get through one round of breathing when Parker starts screaming. Little man is hungry! Again! I feed him right there in the baby-friendly room and put him down, now happy (and my thoughts about a growth spurt confirmed). Parker makes it halfway through class before getting fussy, and the instructor picks him up and keeps teaching while holding him. He finished class on his blanket next to my mat :) 

1:30PM We stop by the post office on the way home and Parker nods off while we wait in line. 

2:00PM We arrive home and head up to the nursery where I nurse Parker and FaceTime with daddy over in the UK! It's 10:00pm there and Max is in his hotel room ready to turn in for the night. Parker listens to Max's voice and watches him on my phone :)

3:00PM Parker is fed, swaddled, comforted and now sleeping in his crib. I pop downstairs for a quesadilla and some laundry. 

4:00PM I hear baby boy's cries from downstairs and head up to his nursery. Hungry hungry hippo wants to eat again

5:00PM Parker is nursed and back to sleep. I collapse on the guest room bed.

6:ooPM I awake from a dead sleep to Parker's coos and wails. I walk in and he smiles upon seeing me. Best feeling in the world! I take him downstairs to feed him. We do tummy time on my chest after he eats and he gives me lots of giggly grins. 

7:00PM The bean is now in his jams. He just started wearing size 6 month jammies! We rock out to Taylor Swift and iChat with my mom. Then, littlest man wants to eat again! This will be some growth spurt! 

8:00PM Dinner for me! I pull a frozen breakfast braid out of the freezer and heat it up in the oven. Parker chills in his swing in the kitchen while I eat.  

8:30PM We read Goodnight Moon in bed. I think about how much Parker is growing! He gets his nighttime feed and falls asleep eating. I watch him smile in his sleep, the sweetest thing ever. I carefully tiptoe him over to the cradle and put his little swaddled self down to sleep for the night (hopefully!). 

11:00PM The bean is up and hungry again! I feed him in bed and get a FaceTime call from Max. It's morning in the UK and he is already starting his day! I tell him we miss him and that I love seeing his face :) It's such a funny time difference that one of us starts the day just as the other one finishes! I try not to think about the fact that this is just day two of Max's trip! 


  1. Fun reading about your & Parker's days! Thinking of y'all during Max's long trip, tough for all 3 of you. Big hugs & ♥ from your Tyler, TX cousins!!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww your baby is so cuteeee. Do you use baby swing for your little one? He seems a really happy child, you must have taken a great care of him.


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