Studio Movie Grill, I Heart You

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two opened last Thursday night with 10pm showings. I usually avoid even opening weekends of movies - standing in line for hours is not fun, and rushing in to get a good seat is just gives me anxiety! However, I found the perfect solution: Studio Movie Grill! I'd been to the SMG in Scottsdale a few times before; I hear that it's similar to iPic theatres in that you get a big cushy seat and can have snacks and beverages delivered right to you. iPic tickets are pretty pricey though, and Studio Movie Grill offers tickets for the regular theatre rate. In fact, they discount tickets for weekday nights after 10pm so when I went online to buy Twilight premiere tickets for me and two friends, the tickets cost only $5.50 each! I haven't paid $5.50 to see a movie since maybe junior high. 

The best part, however, was that I got to select our seats when I purchased the tickets. So on the big night, we walked in five minutes before the movie started (just enough time to order popcorn and sweet potato fries) and our smack-dab-in-the-middle seats were open and waiting for us! I felt like I was cheating, seeing Twilight on opening night without having to jump through any of the normal premiere-viewing hoops. 10pm is normally when I'd be in bed, though, and it's normally when Baby Klein likes to move around so baby was going crazy during the whole movie! We joked that perhaps baby is already a Twilight fan ;)

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  1. I love Studio Movie Grill too! Assigned seating makes life a lot easier. I wish more theaters did that!


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