5 Months Pregnant with the Bean!

Five Months Update

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +16 (OMGee!)

Maternity Clothes: Lots of new clothes/maternity gift cards from my birthday, yay!

Cravings: Starburst candy (thank you Halloween) and JalapeƱo Kettle Chips

Movement: Finally feeling kicks from the outside! It’s the most amazingly bizarre sensation!

Aversions: Hard tacos and sweet things in the morning

Wedding Rings: Slowly migrating off. They get pretty tight by the end of the day so Max is encouraging me to just not wear them (to avoid getting them really stuck). This is so sad because I love, love, love my wedding rings! Fortunately, Max gifted me with the sweetest silver bean bracelet for my birthday in honor of the bean, so that's definitely helping :) 

What I Miss: Drinking wine while cooking dinner. Max is usually still at work while I'm working in the kitchen, and I'm missing how nice it was to have a glass of wine to accompany me! 

Best Moment: Hitting the halfway mark and getting my first prenatal massage – heaven!

What I'm Looking Forward To: The holidays! ‘Tis the season to be pregnant!

And, just for fun...

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  1. You are too cute! I love that your shoes match the season and everything else has stayed the same :)


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