Snake Month

The coming of October used to mean that Halloween, the World Series and my birthday were right around the corner. Unfortunately, it also now warns me that it's Snake Month. Snake Month is not some fun event like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. No, Snake Month is very real. For the past two years, I have found a snake in the house in the month of October. 

You might remember my first encounter (documented here). We had only moved into the house a few months prior, and my husband at the time was bi-continental, working for weeks at a time in the U.K. I spotted the snake right outside our bedroom door and within seconds was standing on the bed and dialing the local Snake Whisperer, who told me the little guy would just find his way out. Since I couldn't find the snake again, I figured that this is what had happened. I couldn't have been more wrong; upon waking in the morning I spotted the snake against the wall opposite my bed. Yes, in the bedroom. Shudder. I'll spare you the gory details but I will tell you that the snake died at my hand, aided only by a piece of wood. (P.S. I was still wearing my pajamas.)

I spied last year's snake in almost the exact same spot as the first, and still right outside our bedroom! It was pre-8am and I nearly dropped my coffee I was so startled. Being a screamer, I accidently scared that snake off as well, which meant husby and I slept in the house that night knowing that there was a snake somewhere. I need a medal. Husby found the snake the following morning and, not being a screamer, was able to pick it up and toss it over the fence into the open area space between yards. 

I'm hoping that this was just a two-time occurance. If I find another snake this year, please, someone make me an award. Made out of chocolate. Filled with ice cream. Thank you. 

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  1. Oh goodness! I hate snakes. Like despise them more than creepy crawly things. You are a lot braver than me! I hope you don't have a 3rd appearance!

    PS-I told call my husband husby too! =)


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