Bumpdates: 18 & 19 Weeks

Max and I just returned from our Babymoon/Birthdaymoon to the BVIs! Yes, in addition to celebrating baby, we also celebrated the first anniversary of my 29th birthday ; ) We snapped this photo before we left: 

At 18 Weeks I was feeling great! Second trimester is the best thing ever! I feel so happy all of the time, and it’s so nice having more energy to do things. I also finally got my sushi fix with some cooked rolls this week, yum!  

The bump is totally out there now – it’s so different to look down and see just belly. I love walking around school because I can’t go more than I few steps without another teacher rubbing my tummy, or without a student reminding me “You have a baby in there!”

Upon returning last night (seven flights and seven days later) we snapped this photo for 19 Weeks: 

Week 19 was an incredible week of travel including our heavenly vacay to Tortola and a long weekend in Dallas for a wedding. I had a bit of nausea this week but I attribute it to the tons of travel and changes in schedule. 

It's so much fun having an actual bump! A sweet woman actually stopped me at the airport last night and said my bump was super cute! Max makes fun of me because I will stare at it in any window or mirror we pass by. I just can't help it! 


  1. you have the cutest little baby bump! hope you enjoyed every minute of the baby moon. :)

    just wanted to tell ya that i nominated you for a blog award. check it out here: http://livelaughloveforme.blogspot.com/2012/10/blog-award-loving.html

  2. You look great. I especially love that flower printed shirt!!!

  3. Love the birthday anniversary!! You look great and I'm totally jealous of your fun trip!


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