Boy or Girl?

"Are you going to have a boy baby or a girl baby? What's in there?" my sweet students all ask (in between, of course, telling me they really like the baby, placing stickers on my tummy for baby, and asking me to tell the baby "hi").

Alas, the world will find out if Baby Klein is a boy or a girl when we do: in March! Max and I always said that when we got pregnant, we would want to be surprised by the gender of our baby. Though now that we're pregnant, I think I could easily be swayed to find out the gender (hello more shopping!). Max, however, won't budge. He says that this is one of the few times in life where you can be truly surprised. The nursery, therefore, will be gender neutral, and I will have to wait to buy Lil' Guy onesies with ties, or headbands and bows for Lil' Miss...though I suppose I could stock up on both just in case??? ; )

All we want is a healthy baby; we honestly aren't hoping for one gender over the other. I think we're both just thrilled that it's actually happening, and that we're actually going to be parents!

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  1. Waiting is so much fun! My husband had that same thinking that Max has. It will be hard sometimes but so worth it :)


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