Bumpdates! (5 Weeks to 8 Weeks)

5 Weeks
Feeling good and on such the pregnancy high! No morning sickness to speak of at this point (little did I know it would show up a week later) though I wanted food in my tummy much more than usual.

6 Weeks
First experience with pregnancy hormones. During a phone conversation with my sweet husband (who was at work none the less) I started sobbing over something ridiculous (I thought a receptionist had been abrupt with me). My husband tried to console me but in my crazy pregnant head I thought he was belittling my situation. So I threatened to lock him out of our house. I kid you not. I have no idea even where that even came from. As the words were leaving my mouth I was thinking about how it was such an odd thing to say. Luckily, Max doesn’t hold a grudge and has since joked about not being able to get into the house (I of course did not actually lock him out of the house). 

7 Weeks
Baby likes fast food, and making mamma nauseous.

8 Weeks
Baby likes steak and lobster with mashed potatoes. Mamma likes taking naps. 

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