Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Klein, Ph.D.

During our last sonogram, we were given this overhead view of baby's brain. It was incredible to see! You could make out both hemispheres, which Max and I both thought was amazing (I mean, we don't have pictures of our brains!).

I figured that it was a Ph.D. brain just like daddy's ; ) And so, I just had to purchase a little something to point Baby Klein in the right direction. Here's hoping baby follows in daddy's footsteps : )

Of course afterward I immediately ordered something from my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara. I don't want Baby Klein to be too biased towards daddy's school!

Granted, Stanford beats the pants off UCSB in this world ranking of universities (#2 compared to #35). But, UCSB has that I'm the prettiest college campus ever and I sit right on the gorgeous Pacific thing going for it. Just thinking about my sunny bike riding days there makes me oh-so happy!

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