What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving these sunshiny shoes I purchased from DSW yesterday! My old yellow flats were needing to be updated. I made my teacher friend shopping with me promise to check and follow up to make sure I toss out my old beloved ones which I'd worn into the ground. It's seriously amazing how many outfits I pair with yellow flats - I just love the pop of color!

I'm loving that this Amazon shipment was waiting for my on our porch when I got home! The Gail Simmons book is for me. I love watching her as a food critic on Top Chef (I do a little happy dance whenever she comes on screen). She's hands down my favorite judge. She's super sweet and is always constructive with her criticism instead of plain mean for effect. The other book is for my adorable firsties. They are obsessed right now with setting a trap for the leprechaun. I may or may not have fed into this frenzy by already reading a number of St. Patrick's Day books. If you haven't already heard, leprechauns like shiny things, so my little ones are brainstorming things they want to leave out in hopes of catching him ; )

Finally, I'm loving my incredible husband and partner in everything : ) He's been putting in major hours at work without so much as a complaint, and still takes the time to help me through any and every challenge that comes my way. I can't imagine going through life without him!


  1. LOVE your pretty yellow shoes! I seriously want a pair myself now... ha ha!

  2. Me too! I'm inspired to go out and find a pair!

  3. I love those shoes, they are so cute! :)


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