A New Title for the Hubs

Congratulations to my hubby, who just received a promotion at work! He is Exponent's newest Senior Manager in their Technology Development Practice! People always ask me what it is my husband does. Um, it's a bit complicated. So I lifted some words from his work bio to help me...

Here's what he used to do: Dr. Klein's work focused on radiation hardened electronics and novel electromagnetic remote sensing technologies.

I usually explain it like this: He makes things.

What he likes to do: He is particularly interested in novel electromagnetic sensing systems development.

I say: He likes to make things.

Here's what he did in grad school: His research focused on ultra-low power autonomous electromagnetic measurement systems for remote locations and extreme environments.

I remember: He made lots of things. And got to travel to the South Pole.

You see, whenever Max talks about work, I just stare at him, completely in awe of his intellect and imagination. I understand when he superficially explains to me what he's working on, but I can't retell it on my own. Being a teacher, I know this means I really don't understand it at all. In teacher talk: I don't even have the lower order Bloom's Taxonomy working for me ; )

Regardless of whether or not I can explain what he does, I'm so very proud that he does it well, and so incredibly happy that he's gainfully employed at a company that recognizes it : ) Happy promotion to my husband!

And just for fun, here he is doing the opposite of working...


  1. Yay! A HUGE congrats to your husband!

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Klein!! I love your take on what he does. I always wish I could climb inside non-business-lawyers' heads when I explain what I do to hear how they're understanding my words... I think I usually lose people's interest halfway through the word "antitrust," and my job isn't nearly as complex/obscure as Max's! xoxo

  3. Hahaha! Love this post. :) Congrats to Max!


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