It's Spring in the Desert

I was lucky to ring in the first day of spring with my mom and aunt in town! Spring in the desert = Spring Training so we took in a Giants vs. Diamondbacks game. We of course supported the California team. You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take the California out of the girl ; )

Our yummy spring desert: homemade strawberry ice cream.

Our crafty spring project: decoupaged eggs!

The Tiffany ad in the NY Times was dedicated to the first day of spring as well. I can't help checking the Tiffany ad every single time I pass by a NYT newspaper. It's an old habit from college that started while taking a Global Studies class. The professor would literally quiz students during lecture on current events featured in The Times, which meant every student had to read the paper every day. We had it delivered daily to our apartment, and noticed that a Tiffany ad was featured on the inside page, in the same spot, each day. It became a game to see who could guess what Tiffany would be showcasing (a ring, a watch, a crystal goblet, etc.). Passing by the papers even now gives me that wave of college nostalgia!

To quote the Tiffany ad... Spring is in the air. : )


  1. I love your Tiffany game! I always think of you when I see the ads. Miss you!


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