Boatloads of Cuteness

Our class t-shirts came in today! We have six different first grade classrooms at my school (Yes, six! There are a lot of us!) so we all chose a different color. My class has yellow so we'll be the sun-shiniest of them all : ) Anyway, one of my teammates found this super cute idea: We all started with a grid on a piece of paper, and each child in our class drew their own self portrait. The t-shirt company printed exactly what we gave them and ta-daaa!

The kids were amazed. "How did my picture get on there?" "How did they know my name?" I reminded them that we made the pictures. "But we made them in pencil!"

Here's a close up. I love how each portrait is so unique!

I just love my firsties! We'll be donning these for our first field trip which is on Monday! Wish us luck!


  1. What a cute idea! I loveeeee it! I may just have to steal that for my third graders!

  2. Adorable! Plus, hard to lose a bright yellow clad firsty on a field trip!

  3. 6 first grade classrooms is a lot! The shirts are so cute =)

  4. I love this shirt, it's so cute and it is SUCH a great idea!!

    I hope you'll check out my giveaway! It's pretty good!


  5. Those are absolutely precious! And a keeper for all those sentimental moms...;)
    You're the best!


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