December Projects: Baseboards

Back in November, I volunteered to host my school's staff holiday party. At the time, our house looked something like this:

We were stumbling through installing baseboards and I figured that having a set date would help us kick our butts into gear and get the house looking presentable. Max (assisted by his miter saw, trusty air compressor and nail gun) cut and put up all the boards.

Then I went back and finished them all. This was the project where I finally took to heart the term sweat equity. There were hundreds of feet of baseboards to tape, caulk and paint.

Luckily I had my cute (but not really functional) Lowe's handy belt to keep me smiling!


  1. I hope you treated yourself to frozen yogurt after that - sheesh!

  2. Setting up wall cut needs a certain amount of strategy and perfection to achieve a job showing complete. It's definitely not as simple as reducing it's to size and simply securing them to the wall.


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