There's An App For That

Max has been here in Scottsdale for four weeks in a row! That's the longest he's been here consecutively since May! He's been putting all his spare time into the house (our number one hobby) and Max recently put a new app on my iPhone:

Yes, it says: Klein House. Klein like us! Here's what it looks like once opened:

It's actually a "web app" which means it links to a website that you can use on any computer. Max created it himself to control our home lighting and entertainment systems. Seriously. The lighting section isn't up and running yet, but the sound is. Here's what I'm now using to turn on our wall and ceiling speakers:

I just press the buttons on the phone and poof! The radio is on, the radio is up, the radio is switched to the DVR input, etc. It's magic. Or, like living in some futuristic house out of a movie. I'm not exactly sure how he did it. I think it has something to do with these, the wires that he ran through our attic:

And probably something to do with this, the rack where the wires all run to:

Most of what he does around the house I don't fully understand but I so appreciate that I get to partake in the benefits!

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