High-Tech Halloween

Being our first Halloween in the new house, Max and I really wanted to get into the spirit (or, at least I did and he played along) so we donned matching Superman/Supergirl costumes for the big night, which we spent handing out candy : ) It was darling to hear the little trick-or-treaters run back to their parents exclaiming they got candy from Superman and Supergirl.

We also got to try out the new cameras above the porch and on the front of the house that give us live video feed - we had to get our X-ray vision somehow ; ) Max set the feed to be displayed on our laptops since our T.V. was set to the World Series (by the way, my "seasonally appropriate attire" prediction for the Giants was totally proven true - perhaps if the series was played over the 4th of July the Rangers might have had a chance). Being able to watch the groups come up the driveway was quite handy. Below are the displays in all their night-time vision glory (the feed changes to color in daylight).

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