Daylight Savings? No, Thank You.

Last year when the rest of the country (or just about) stopped Daylight Savings to "Fall Back" it was nice to not have to change (Arizona doesn't believe in Daylight Savings). I liked being an hour ahead of everyone in California and closer to all those East Coasters. The sun sets early enough in those winter months anyway; it really doesn't make any sense to make it even earlier. Oh, happy was I. This past weekend when it rolled around again, I basked in the glory of not having to do anything. That is, until I looked down at my iPhone on Sunday afternoon and realized that my phone had decided on its own to "Fall Back." Hmmm. This "not following Daylight Savings" was beginning to present a problem. It was back on the correct time when I went to bed though, so all was well, right? Um, no. Apparently this year, there was some sort of Daylight Savings iPhone bug. It hit Europe last week when they set their clocks back and I'm wondering why I didn't get the memo because the effect of this bug was an alarm going off one hour LATE. So not the way to start a Monday. I looked down and while the alarm on my iPhone (which I always use to wake up) displayed 6:30am, the phone itself revealed that is was 7:30. Eeek! I thought maybe the rest of the faculty at my school would have been affected but no - I drove up to a full parking lot this morning. Of course saying your alarm "didn't go off" seems like a fabricated story (even for a blog) so I thought I'd post a news link here. I'll still gladly pass on Daylight Savings but am slightly bitter at the price I had to pay this year.

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