Holiday Happenings

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, it's brought lots of viruses. Tons. I've been down for the past two weeks - and when I say down, I mean days of not being able to get out of bed 🙈 Including a two-day migraine that literally made me cry. This pregnancy is kicking my butt. Thank goodness for my husband.

Before I got super sick, we headed out to a local tree farm right after Thanksgiving to pick up our tree (so even though I was sick, at least the house was decorated, haha!). 

And since we used a photo from our October vacay for our Christmas card, I had those babies ready and addressed by mid-November, so I was able to get them out early, too. Score. 

We also saw the Big Guy early this year at Supper with Santa at the Early Works Museum downtown.  It was our first time attending, and Parker got such a kick out of seeing the dancers from The Nutcracker perform.

Parker was ready with his list to read to Santa... he's asking for: a real kitchen, a coin sorter, and an inclinometer. Oh, you don't know what an inclinometer is? I didn't either, haha! (It's apparently a device used to measure angles.)

One of Parker's Senior Buddies was working the event! We're not supposed to see their super-secret handshake, but we snuck in a photo.

And Parker saw his other Senior Buddy this past weekend at the Kinder/Senior ice skating event! He had so much fun.

And Lady is, of course, back and getting into mischief! Elfing is just the best!

How are you celebrating the holidays?

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