Bumpdate | 5 Months

Baby is the size of a: coconut!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +10 lbs... yep, this is actually down a pound from last month. I caught back to back horrible colds this month and had the worst sinus infection so I lost several pounds, but have mostly gained them all back. The good news is, baby is still checking out fine and is even measuring ahead! Plus, I started this pregnancy with quite the Clomid weigh gain buffer, so all is well. 

Maternity Clothes: Give me all the maternity leggings and yoga pants! Being so sick this month, that was all I wanted to wear. 

Cravings: Indian food! Specifically, Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala. I went through a similar phase with Parker.

Aversions: You still couldn't pay me to eat chicken and waffles (though separately, they're fine).  

Symptoms: Apparently with pregnancy, you have a lowered immune system and a harder time recovering from illness. Well, I am 3+ weeks into the most awful cough/cold/sinus infection ever and I can totally vouch for the validity of this now. I seem to be catching virus on virus on virus - basically, whatever Parker brings home (except it takes him a day to recover and me a week). The sinus infection I developed was so bad I couldn't sleep from the pain or even chew because it made my teeth hurt so much, and there were at least two migraines thrown in. There were days and days I couldn't even get out of bed; it was awful. I did get an antibiotic from my OB (with instructions to wait to take it until the sinus infection had been present for a week), but there's not a lot else you can do for the symptoms while pregnant. Thank goodness for Max taking over all the Parker duties to let me rest (seriously, he's done everything the past few weeks). 

What I Miss: Feeling healthy! I told Max all I want for Christmas is to not hurt anymore. 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting my energy back once I kick this illness! 

Boy or Girl: Since this pregnancy is so different from my last one (I didn't catch even one illness with Parker), Max is convinced baby is a GIRL. But considering baby is measuring big, I am firmly in the BOY camp now. 

Labor Signs: At my 16 week ultrasound, we actually saw a Braxton Hicks in action (although I couldn't feel it). Since then, they've been coming on the regular! Don't worry, they don't indicate actual labor... my uterus is just practicing 😉

Best Moments: Seeing that baby was well at the 20 week anatomy scan! Also, we are now feeling kicks from the outside! It's such an amazing thing to experience. Baby even had the hiccups last night.

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