Life Lately | Fall Y'all

I know Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but October is right on up there for me! There's always just so much going on!

I kicked off last weekend bright and early with Apple Annie deliveries for Junior League. This was followed by Parker's very last soccer game of the fall season. 

After that we headed out for a trip to meet our Nashville friends to pick out pumpkins. The hayride to the patch was a hit for these kiddos!

Later in the week, I got to join Parker's kinder class on their very first field trip - this time to a different pumpkin patch (Tate Farms).

I've also been doing quite a bit of subbing at Parker's school - much more than I anticipated when I signed up before fall break! When Parker started kindergarten in August, I realized it was the first chance I had gotten to go back to teaching since he'd been born. I hadn't realized how much I missed being in the classroom until I was back. It's also been so much fun getting to know the teachers and kids at his school - and bonus, he's in the same place for the same number of hours attending school himself so logistically it works out perfectly. Plus, I love getting glimpses of him in the lunchroom, the hallways, and the playground!

This week was also birthday week for me! My boys took me out for my very favorite celebratory meal - fondue!

I think I've chosen fondue for every birthday since Max and I started dating. It's seriously the best way to celebrate! And we've made a little fondue lover out of Parker, too, which I love. Who else out there loves a fondue dinner?


  1. Happy Birthday! I love fondue so much; what a great way to celebrate! It also sounds like subbing is a great fit for you at this stage!

  2. And just think this time next year you are going to be a family of celebrating Fall!

  3. I love all of your Fall celebrations! I am sure you are an amazing sub and it sounds like it is the perfect job while Parker is in School right now.


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