Bumpdate | Months 2 & 3

Baby is the size of a: lemon!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +5 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Dresses have been my friend!

Cravings: Mostly it's a challenge finding foods that are just palatable. 

Aversions: Everything, all the time!

Symptoms: This was a tough month with all-day, every day morning sickness coupled with a bad cough and cold virus I caught from Parker. Husby was so great stepping in and letting me rest. 

What I Miss: Eating like a normal person (though the nausea is so much better now). Also, The Bottle restaurant downtown just announced a special fall seven-course wine pairing dinner, and I'm so bummed to skip it! 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Feeling better - which is finally happening! I even started substitute teaching last week, which I couldn't have even imagined doing a month ago.

Best Moments: Seeing little Bother or Sister at 10 weeks wiggling all around and waving, getting our 10 week blood test results back (everything looks good!), and taking Baby to Grand Cayman! 

Baby is the size of a: raspberry!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2 lbs. (which is already the recommended maximum for the entire first trimester, oops)

Maternity Clothes: Y'all, I haven't been able to wear pants with zippers from pretty much the moment I found out I was pregnant. Having been on Clomid for the entirety of 2018, I was already three pants sizes up, meaning I have pants of four different sizes in my dresser right now. It's a bit ridiculous. I refused to purchase any more, so dresses and stretchy pants it is until I can justify wearing maternity pants.

Cravings: I start pregnancy wanting to eat all the things. In fact, I first found out about this little bundle right before a date night out. It was an hour before our dinner reservations, and I seriously could not wait that long to eat, and had to make myself a cheese and crackers plate just to tide myself over. This was followed by a mad sprint to take a pregnancy test - I was literally unwrapping it before I even knew what I was doing. I thought to myself that it was such a waste, since it was way too early to take a test. But nope - 3 weeks + 1 day and the line was there! Pregnant! Btw, I also ate my entire three-course meal that night - see, all the things. For the first couple weeks when I was feeling good (and hungry) I went through a major bacon and eggs stage (specifically as an english muffin breakfast sandwich, but I didn't really discriminate). From there I went on a strawberry, spinach and cashew butter smoothie kick, then cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches (I'd eat these breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Morning Sickness started creeping in around five and a half weeks, and in full force by six. For me, it's like the worst hangover ever, but all day every day. Since it usually indicates a healthy pregnancy, I informed Max (who was away on business) of my nauseous status via text message with lots of celebratory party popper emojis. 

Aversions: With Morning Sickness, pretty much everything sounds awful. Most of the time I'm just on the hunt for something palatable - then once I eat it, it get's put on the "no" list. I had a whole week of eating toasted cinnamon raisin english muffins with butter for breakfast, and now you couldn't pay me to eat them. Same goes for Mexican food, Shrimp Scampi and Thai curries. 

Symptoms: After six rounds of Clomid, Max had already taken to calling me "Chloe" when I was being crazy (thanks, fertility drugs). I'd say that being pregnant does the same thing to me. One night last week, I actually cried because my to-go salad didn't have enough dressing. And I alternated between so sad, and so mad. Over salad. I'm pretty sure I told Max it was "ridiculous that my salad wasn't properly dressed" and I think I called the restaurant inept 🙈 And what did my Saint of a husband do? He drove back to the restaurant for more salad dressing. He's really been the best through this whole weepy Morning Sickness stage. 

What I Miss: Not feeling like I drank a bottle of Pinot Noir the night before (don't worry, I have no desire to actually drink a bottle of Pinot Noir, I'd just like to not feel like I did every day)

What I'm Looking Forward To: More ultrasounds and being able to officially announce!

Best Moment: We told Parker after my first sonogram, and it was the cutest, sweetest thing. He was super excited (he's been asking for a sibling for ages) and had so many questions. He told us he wanted a sister but he thinks it's a brother 💓


  1. Ahhh how did I miss this?! CONGRATS!!! Soooo happy for you all!

  2. You are glowing, mama! I could not be happier for you! Glad to hear you are feeling a little better now. The beginning can be rough. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. I am so excited to be watching this journey! Congrats again, friend!

    1. Awwww, thank you!! So excited that you are blogging again :)

  4. I am sooo happy for you guys. Are you finding out the gender? You look amazing!

    1. We are going to be surprised again! My sisters are so mad, lol. And thank you!!


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