Scott's Orchard

Last weekend, we headed upstate 35 minutes or so from Huntsville to Scott's Orchard, which grows several different varieties of peaches and apples. It's just the beginning of apple season here, and we were thrilled to pick our own! We signed up for the half-hour tour followed by apple picking. Parker and his buddies had tons of fun on this hay bale play area while we waited for the tour to start.

The tour is done on this hay wagon pulled by a tractor. Someone from the Scott family narrates as you travel through the orchard.

I seriously feel like I learned so much about peaches and apples! For example, during a spring freeze, if the trees are sprayed with water, the ice will keep them around 32° which saves them (28° and lower and the fruit is ruined).

The tour ends back at the processing area and store, where we got to sample all their current apple varieties and purchase apple cider slushies (because if you live in this area, you know you cannot go to Scott's Orchard and not get a cider slushy).

We took the cider slushies, grabbed our baskets and a wagon and set out to do some picking. If you're wondering if my son has on the same soccer jersey he wore to his game that same morning, you'd be correct. #pickyourbattles

The orchard offered red delicious, golden delicious and granny smith for picking (plus several other varieties for purchase in the store). 

We couldn't leave without also purchasing some apple cider for home, plus a caramel apple for Parker and some Mutsu apples for baking (it's also a great place to get local honey but we already stocked up when we went strawberry picking at Brown's Farm earlier this year).

The kids loved the apple picking! Parker is still talking about it. And after having only done strawberries and blueberries, I was so surprised at how fast apple picking goes - those baskets fill up in no time! If you're local, we totally recommend heading up to Scott's Orchard. 


  1. What a perfectly fun Fall themed day. I am eager to visit a local orchard here when the weather cools down a bit.

  2. I had no idea about the spraying of the trees, it really is a specialist job caring for an orchard - no wonder my apples are a bit of a mess! I know drinking cider is a fall tradition in the US - do you use it as a term to describe apple juice, or is it alcoholic like ours? J xx

    1. Our apple cider is basically apple juice with some spices (but how funny - I've never thought of confusing it with the hard idea until now, haha!).

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