Parker Takes Dallas

We spent a week in Max's home state of Texas, and our little guy had a blast, loving every minute (if you couldn't tell by the cheesy picture above!). Travel-wise, it's pretty easy for us to get there. It's a direct flight from Huntsville, clocking in at just under two hours.

Parker is our travel pro with so many flights under his belt we've lost count (it's somewhere above sixty). I've said it before, but Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check is our savior when flying. If you haven't looked into it, it makes security infinitely easier, which is especially helpful when traveling with a child (think keeping your shoes on and leaving liquids and laptops inside your carry-ons).

We always check Parker's carseat so we'll have it on the other side, and we've been using this red carseat cover for the past five years. It's currently patched with duct tape 😂 but considering how much use it's gotten, I'd say that's a win. Here's our sweet guy riding the rental car shuttle like a champ!

Some highlights from our trip...

Top Golf with Nana and Papa (where Parker hit 100 balls)...

And some country club golf as well. 

A Texas Rangers game with Gigi...

Parker and I both picked out new baseball caps at the park for the occasion.

Just like Parker hoped, the game went into overtime with eleven innings (though the Rangers lost in the end).

Afterwards, there were karaoke fireworks. Y'all, how will I ever be able to watch regular fireworks again when I know the karaoke version exists somewhere out there? The playlist was 80's music, and yes it was fantastic. 

We spent a day at The Perot Museum downtown. We highly recommend if you're in Dallas! Parker loved their current dinosaur exhibit (and is still pretending to be a dinosaur here at home).

I preferred the gems and minerals section, obvi. 

On a separate trip downtown, we got to dine at The Petroleum Club and had this neat view.

We took a day and traveled up north a bit to JJ's ranch.

Parker was delighted to help collect eggs from the chickens!

He also shot a BB gun for the very first time (#whenintexas).

Our must-eats for any Dallas trip include Manny's for Tex-Mex brisket tacos and Jack's (Burger House) for cheeseburgers and vanilla cokes (we of course made it to both on this trip).

There was also a fair amount of swimming, and little man even learned how to use a snorkel! 

And this is what you look like on the rental car shuttle headed home on an A.M. flight after way too much fun in Dallas 😂 #Godblessedtexas


  1. Hahaha love the last picture!!! Now that's my kind of flying attire! And you look so cute at the those shorts!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Flying in pajamas = THE BEST! And thank you! J.Crew Factory :)

  3. Hahaha love the last picture!!! Now that's my kind of flying attire! And you look so cute at the those shorts!

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