California Dreaming

I usually let so much travel go by without a blog mention, because by the time we're home and catching up on life, something else comes along and I just never get back to it. Case in point: our honeymoon to Bora Bora where I only wrote about the first couple days. Oops. Not to mention the fact that we just returned from Dallas, and I of course want to share all about that trip. But first, the rest of our May California adventure (read about our first day in San Francisco HERE). Ready for some time travel? Back to May!

After our day of fun in SF and once Max commenced his actual California work duties, Parker and I set out to spend some time with family and friends. We started with our annual beach day with my mom and sister Michelle. We've done one every year since Parker was just a year old! This year, we were joined by Sweet Sophie, age nine months. Check out this cuteness!

Parker's favorite California adventure is hitting up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. At this time of year (early May) only parts of it were open. Luckily, the carousel (my fave) was one of the available attractions. It was Sophie's very first ride!


Lunch is always either Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing, or The Crow's Nest in Santa Cruz where we dined this trip (both places are right on the water and have the best seafood). 

Happy Sophie loved lunching outside!

Almost as much as I loved the Crab Louis I always order. 

On the way out of Santa Cruz, we aways hit up Marriane's for the best ice cream.

And if you find yourself in my old stomping grounds of Los Gatos, I also highly recommend the Chocolate Coffee Cream from Great Bear downtown. My Mama knows I live for these and always makes sure we get at least one whenever I'm in The Bay Area (think Frappuccino but a million times better). Basically, I ate my way through California on this visit ๐Ÿ˜‚

Up next for the week was the Central Valley where my parents live. Parker and I popped over to the Fresno area to visit this high school bestie and her littlest (who happens to be Parker's age!). 

We took in the Merced County Fair that was in town with my sister and Sophie:

Saturday we headed back to the Bay Area and visited the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. Fun fact: when I taught fourth grade at Capri School in Campbell, Max accompanied my class and me on a field trip here! Looking back, I have no idea how we walked thirty plus fourth-graders to the shuttle stop, transferred to the light rail, and got everyone into the museum (and back to school again!). I mean, that sounds crazy, right? My teaching days are so memorable - back then it was seriously my everything and I poured every last bit of myself into it. I'm always asked if I miss it, and while there are so many parts that I do, I also adore teaching my class of one now! Visiting the museum with a five-year-old and a baby was so much different ๐Ÿ˜‚

In-N-Out is another California must!

Saturday night we headed into downtown Palo Alto, where Max and I spent so much time while we were dating. It was so much fun strolling the darling streets, listening to live music, and introducing Parker to our favorite places. It had me missing California big time! 

My Palo Alto recommendations: Cafe 220 for Lamb Gyros and Fraรฎche for the very best frozen yogurt on Earth. 

The next morning we visited the new home of my UCSB grad school forever friend Rachel, and her family made us the yummiest brunch. Seeing them made it doubly sad to have to head to the airport afterward! Rachel snapped this photo of our next generation of Gauchos at the park near her family's house ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until next time, California!



  1. I love travel posts so keep them coming! I just did one from early June. It can be so hard to stay on top of things but better late than never. That fair looks like a lot of fun and you and your sister look so much alike!
    Sierra Beautifully Candid

    1. Travel posts are my favorite to read, too! I always like to scour them when I'm going somewhere new. I got so many ideas for our London trip this way. If we ever go to Italy, I'll be rereading your posts from your vacay there this year!! Also, lol about my sister - sometimes I see photos of her and think that it's me!


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