Yee Haw, Dallas!

Max was born and raised in Dallas proper, and every time I visit I remember just how BIG of a city it is... after all, #everythingsbiggerintexas. Max randomly had a conference in downtown Dallas the week after his sister's wedding, so Parker and I stayed as well to get our Texas on!

Parker was all smiles getting loved on by his Mimi and official Uncle Ian - the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Lunching at Jack's Burger House - I'm pretty sure I've been to Jack's on each and every trip out to Dallas. Max and his sister grew up going there, Max was even surprised with his car there after he turned sixteen! Plus, they serve the tastiest cheeseburgers on the planet.

The kick-off event for Max's conference was at Gilley's, a ginormous venue that provided live music, mechanical bull riding, BBQ and armadillo races. The jury is still out on those armadillos - they're so ugly they're cute. Almost.

I talked Max into the photo booth area - he's such a good sport 😊

We got a jump start on Halloween over at Nana and Papa's house (our house was decorated for Halloween at the beginning of September, so this was so speaking my language!).

Parker got a kick out of the trick-or-treaters and was stoked he was the tallest! Ha!

All the serious faces for Legos!

We did a fancy dinner out at Reunion Tower - Max and Parker's first time there! The restaurant revolves once an hour so you get 360° views of Dallas. The nighttime skyline (and iconic green Bank of America building!) was my favorite! Fun fact - both Max and his dad worked at the BofA building back when Max was in high school! Max's dad had a traditional corner office, while Max literally monkeyed around on the roof of the seventy-two story building doing RF magic. 

Max set me up with a pass to his conference so I hit the floor one day, totally out of my element and with super low expectations (Max warned me it would be like a shopping trip to Fry's electronics). Turns out, security conferences are more like Disney Land! There was popcorn, lasers, wine and cheese boards and crazy interesting booths (actually, all I really needed was the popcorn and I would have been a happy camper, haha!).

Seriously, such a #proudwifey over here! Max has always been super motivated, and of course he's the most intelligent person I know!

While Daddy was conferencing, P and I got to enjoy autumn in Dallas!

The many faces of Parker - with Gigi!

The conference's big social event was held at Cowboy's stadium and they went all out.

We ate on the field, got to tour the locker rooms, and watched the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform! So much fun!

Parker was sad to miss out on Cowboy's stadium (the event was adults-only) but he had plenty of fun to make up for it!

Our favorite dinner from the week was at the newish Town Hearth. These chandeliers are what my dreams are made of!

The ambiance was super unique and eclectic, and I tried my first dry aged steak! All sorts of amazing!

And, even though I've been with my Texan of a husband for almost ten years, we've never made it to the Texas State Fair until now!

Seeing the famous Big Tex for the first time! Parker imitated his "Howdy folks!" for days afterward!

We checked out the livestock first thing, and saw llamas being shown!! Like, jumping through hoops and walking up stairs! I'm alpaca obsessed so I thought this was the neatest thing! 

Max was all about taking Parker on the rides he remembered from his childhood. Parker barely made the height requirement for this one, and though he doesn't seem too keen on it on the photo, he got off and said he had a blast.

Max even got me on the Texas Star, their ginormous ferris wheel! The views were spectacular!

My goals were all food related. Corn dog, funnel cake, pass on the chicken fried bacon.

Fair food FTW.

 Did we leave with an entire carry-on bag of fair goodies and prizes? Why yes, yes we did.

We headed directly from the fairgrounds to DFW. Little Man is an expert flyer, the flight home being number fifty-something for him (we've really lost count). Mama and Dada feel pretty good about our system too, though luggage + carseat + rental car shuttle is the hardest part. 

Texas, we love you! 

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