Mimi Gets Married!

Is this the most perfect picture ever? Last month, Max's sister was married in pretty much the most perfect wedding ever! And spy the little guy on stage? Parker did his job as ring bearer like a boss, smiling to everyone as he walked down the aisle and having his best manners on stage during the ceremony! #proudparent

Parker has such a special relationship with his Mimi and Uncle Ian - they love him fierce! Uncle Ian has literally been around Parker's entire life, and has been coming to visit wherever we were living (Scottsdale! Alabama!) since Parker was just a baby. As Max said in his speech at the wedding, we went "all in" on the relationship some time ago when we taught Parker to call Ian "Uncle-ish Ian" and finally "Uncle Ian" before they were actually engaged 😉 

We were all honored to be included in the special day, and Parker got the extra special privilege of being the only one besides the bride to wear white! Speaking of the bride's white, I'm dying over the detail on her dress! That lace! 😍

The details of the ballroom were incredible as well!

Parker was in his element and danced all. night. long.

My most handsome and dapper boys! Both up way past their bedtimes, ha!

And before we knew it, it was time for the send-off! I mean, really, how fun are they? So much life and love and happiness! 

Such a magical, amazing night!

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  1. So sweet! Parker couldn’t be cuter and yay for Uncle Ian to make it official!


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