Hello Monday! Huntsville schools are closed today because, wait for it, we are under a Tropical Storm Warning. When we first talked of moving to Alabama, experiencing a tropical storm was the last thing I thought we'd encounter here. Thoughts go out to those who were really in the hurricane path, of course, and hopes that it dissipates by the time it reaches this far north. 

On to happier times - this past weekend Parker and I headed out to Monte Sano State Park for a Mommy & Me hike. We were on our own since Max was on business travel, and Monte Sano is just a quick fifteen minute drive from us. Plus, the weather was gorgeous.

I loved seeing those first signs of fall (and also capturing them on my beloved 50mm lens using the Canon 5d).

But my favorite subject to photograph is this sweet guy. He adores being outside so he just couldn't have been happier.

We checked out the children's play area and then headed out on one of the shorter hiking paths.

We followed our hike up with a swing through Costco for $9 mums (a must for any autumn southern front porch, y'all!). Parker got a kick out of riding in the cart with them and trying to hide.

Our weekend was also filled with donut yumminess...

Relaxing for Mama while Parker played in the yard...

And picnicking at The Botanical Garden (our favorite!).

And since Max was gone, I did my favorite "treat yo-self" activity - picking up fresh flowers! Old Frond Floral Co. had to-go bouquets in phenomenal fall colors.

I used this wet foam at home and arranged them in a container. They just keep getting prettier each day! Plus they're just so cheerful to have in the house while husby's away. Bonus - I get more photography subjects!

Happy almost fall, y'all! 



  1. Looks like y'all had a great weekend & got in plenty of outdoor time. Stay safe from Irma today!

    1. I followed along on your Insta- hope y'all have power again! ♥️

  2. Wow you are seriously giving me fall envy!! Love that fresh flower bouquet!!

  3. Those flowers are gooooorgeous! Love!

  4. Oh this makes me so happy! What a sweet Mommy & Me weekend. Those flowers are beautiful!

    1. I have to stop myself from going in or I will spend ALL my money! 💐


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