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 I never really understood the obsession with spring until I moved to the south. Now I get it - spring is the time of year to do all the outdoor things. You know, before summer sets in and everything turns into a literal hot sticky mess. 

So, we've been eating outside, living at the Botanical Gardens, and walking the neighborhood any chance we get. Parker is obsessed with his trike, and since we're now taking it further distances (to the tennis courts, to the playground) I decided he needed a helmet. I did a little research and found these ones, which come in tons of colors (Parker chose the red to match his trike, sweet guy!).

Another favorite? Pressing all the walk buttons in between the riding ;)

He's downright giddy when it's trike time. 

On another note, I feel like I blinked and everything turned green - one more amazing part of spring.

And it might have something to do with all that rain...

Red Hunter Rainboots and splashing in puddles? This four-year-old could have stayed in the backyard all day. I mean his face - sheer joy :)

I love getting photos of him at school during the day. We're still so happy with our decision to send him to the non-traditional "outdoor school" this year, and he'll do one more year there before starting kindergarten.

He's especially loving watering all the plants in the school garden. 

When photos like these are posted, we can always tell which one is our little guy because he never leaves for school without his watch! Would you believe he asked (via sign language) for a watch when he was one and a half, and actually learned to tell time on it this past year. 

And of course he wears it to music school. Little Man was stoked to play Beethoven at his last piano lesson! (I was stoked to read my magazine, ha!)

The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra had their last classical performance this past weekend, and we attended the sneak preview/rehearsal. Parker is already talking about the next season and requesting "the real tickets" for a nighttime performance (I think we'll do the night they perform Beethoven's 7th Symphony). 

Mama and Dada got a date night in last week for The Huntsville Museum of Art's Southern Blues fundraiser. I love any excuse to get fancy (and eat bourbon balls). Our sitter snapped a couples photo of us before we headed out, and who decided he needed to photo bomb? Our sweet little guy of course!  

If you need us, we'll all just be over here hearting Huntsville.


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