All the Strawberries

Parker and I headed up to Brown Farms for the third year in a row for a little strawberry picking date. 

Each mid-to-late April, the strawberries are ready and so are we! This was the first year I remembered to take the SLR, and I was super excited to snap some fun pics. 

If you're headed strawberry picking, here are some tips that we've picked up over the years:

1. The Earlier the Better
Head out early in the day. The weather is cooler in the morning, you'll get more shade, and the farm will be much less crowded.

2. Cover Up
We spend at least an hour in the fields (though it goes by super fast!), so I make sure we have hats and sunnies, and that we're covered with SPF. 

3. Choose Smart Shoes 
Those fields can be quite muddy! In the past, Parker has worn his Hunter rainboots, and also his Natives. Both are great for getting muddy because they can just be hosed off post-strawberry picking. This year, we knew it would be a bit drier so he wore his Toms (which I can just toss in the wash). 

4. Wipes and Snacks, Snacks and Wipes
If you're a mom you most likely are already packing wipes and snacks. Take those wipes with you to the strawberry fields because if your little ones are like mine, they will want to sample the berries (which is totally okay with the farm) and will turn bright red. 

When we went to pay for our berries (a flat $12 fee per bucket), Parker told the ladies working that he was "worn out" :) They had a little chuckle, and he definitely appreciated a drink and snack in the car on the way home (which for us was about a 25 minute drive). 


And now for those yummy strawberry recipes...



  1. We went strawberry picking, too, and it was so much fun! I just posted a recipe for a strawberry pie the other day so you'll have to find it. It was so yummy!

    You got so many great pictures! He is just such a doll!

  2. So sweet! I loved strawberry picking as a child!


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