Parker Campbell: 3.75 Years

Our sweet Parker Campbell Klein...

This little love is three going on sixty-five. He's an old soul - a lover of classical music and sushi dinners. He's been called precocious on more than one occasion, and is most definitely wise beyond his years. Parker is super sensitive just like his Mama - he's the first to give you a hug to "make you feel better" if you are sad, and just loves snuggling and "getting cozy" :) He's a thinker like his Daddy and wants to learn how all kinds of things work, from clocks to cars to pin setters at the bowling alley. And of course, he's all boy. He'd love nothing more than to spend all day in the backyard playing tee ball, stacking rocks, riding his tricycle and running around. 

 New this fall was hearing him talk about his days at preschool! Parker attends just three mornings a week, but even this was a big change from being with Mama all day everyday. His preschool is a Montesorri inspired outdoor school on twenty-plus acres (and houses gardens, a creek and even goats!). The non-traditional feel and outside-the-box thinking it inspires feels like the perfect fit for our little man. He gets weekly Spanish lessons here, which we follow up with at home, so Parker can now count to his teens in Spanish and also loves practicing other words as well.

Parker has been fascinated with clocks since age 1.5 when he asked (via baby sign language) for a watch for Christmas. He's since learned to tell time on analog clocks pretty accurately, and is always checking that we are on time. His request from Santa this year? A twenty-four hour-clock for his room :)

Parker is obsessed with writing. He's been able to identify all letters since age two, but now writes most of them as well. He has a phenomenal memory, and is more interested in writing words other than his name. Over Halloween, he picked up how to write "witch" all on his own, and would want to write this instead of Parker. He will fill notebook after notebook with his writing, and actually loves writing numbers more than letters. He has taken to doing addition number sentences all on his own, and will also do equations mad-professor style orating while he works on his easel or wall chalkboard.

Parker also started piano lessons this fall. For well over a year now, Parker has been enamored with orchestras and instruments. He has been asking almost just as long to play violin, but we're starting with the piano which is working perfectly. In his short three months of lessons, he's learned to play many notes with both his right and left hands, and can do several songs. He had his first piano recital this month and played Jingle Bells (to the delight of his oh-so proud parents).

We continue to be mostly "screen free" with Parker. We are still television-less at home, and have been since we moved into the house in December of 2014. There's something very peaceful and pleasant about not having a T.V. running, especially at night. For Parker, I think the absence of television has encouraged his imagination, creativity and ingenuity. It's the idea of not having something on which he relies for entertainment. In the car he observes the world through the window, or requests his favorite songs to be played (right now it's Adele and Beethoven). Neither Max nor I have any kid apps on our phones, but we do let Parker check the weather if he asks. This has been a great way for him to learn his larger numbers! 

Parker does have the option of viewing a short video clip at home (a YouTube "how it's made" short, or Elmo's World) or playing on his (thirty year-old) Apple II computer as reward options. These were used when we were potty-training, and also from time to time as incentives for his very best manners or attention (for example after a fancy dinner or piano lessons). He has watched one full-length movie to date: Finding Nemo (over the summer). We popped popcorn and viewed it as a family on the monitor in Max's office. Parker thought it was the best thing ever :)

In his own words...
(With his hand to his mouth like a microphone): Please wait for assistance.

My seatbelt is still fastened. (Explaining why he can't leave his seat at the dinner table, pretending to be on a plane mid-flight.)

We're exchanging maps! (After asking Mama to switch her World placemat for his "Ooohh-nited States" one.) 

Can you put my dinner right where Mississippi is? (Pointing to the USA placemat on the table.)

I'm getting myself hydrated. (Drinking water.)

Should we go to the Porsche dealer and pick out my car? (Talking about being able to drive at age sixteen.)


  1. He's too cute for words & I love that he's already playing the piano at his age. I bet his recital was the best!

  2. I think this world needs as many children that you and your hubby can have!!

  3. His piano recital photo is darling. He looks so grown up there!!!


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