Life Lately

Life lately has been full of festive fun! 

Last night, Parker played in his very first piano recital! It was a holiday concert at the conservatory where he's been taking lessons for the past three months. The song was a simple Jingle Bells that he knows forwards and backwards, yet my poor Mama self was just so nervous for this little guy beforehand. It would be his first time ever performing for an audience - and at the tender age of three-and-a-half no less! I had a glass of red to calm my nerves before we all took off to drive the four minutes to the historical house where the concert was taking place. Parker was second to play, yet the youngest by far. My Mama heart was just bursting as he so confidently walked right up to the piano with his music, climbed up on the bench and played for everyone. Unfortunately when I get super nervous or uncomfortable, I laugh... and I was definitely having to hold in my giggles as this sweet little guy played. I was so wrapped in nerves that immediately afterward, I wouldn't have been able to tell you if Parker even played the correct song, ha! Luckily Max recorded the performance on video, so I was able to watch it afterward - and Parker did play so accurately and well!

We love Parker's piano teacher - she is just so good with him, and I'm beyond impressed with what she's already done in just a few short months.

The night before, we had Parker's preschool's Winterfest! Max was on business in Rhode Island this night, so it was a Mama/Parker date :)

Parker's favorite part? Dancing to the music with his friends! Though I think the sweets were a hit with him as well. He helped me make brownie bites earlier in the day, which we brought to add to the pot-luck style spread. 

To make, we just did a boxed brownie mix that I poured into mini muffin pans instead of a big baking dish. Once baked and cooled, I piped on melted white chocolate (tinted with green food dye), and topped with sprinkles! So festive and fun!

The night before that (Monday night) was my ornament swap party for the Junior League Provisional Class. I ended up with this darling gold ornament with the nativity painted on it and I just adore it ... and by "ended up with" I mean I totally stole it in a very lively game of Secret Santa Ornament Edition ;)

Going even further back in time, we had a Nana and Papa visit this past weekend!

We all braved the cold and had lots of Christmas fun (especially the tiny guy in the middle!).

We have been going nonstop it feels like, so tonight I'm ready to take a cue from Lady :) Her robe was a gift from Sweet P - he spotted it at Target and said he thought Lady would like something cozy (melt my heart) so we just had to put it in our cart!

Happy Christmastime!


  1. Love the little bathrobe...that is so sweet of Parker! Congratulations to all that he knocked it out of the park during the piano recital and also I love the brownie bites you made. Such a festive treat!

    1. Thank you!! And thank goodness for my glass of wine beforehand ;) I was seriously barely breathing - I have no idea what I'm going to do when he's older and the stakes are great, eeeks! I totally recommend the brownie bites route - they were awesome because there was zero cutting involved! Easy peasy :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Parker looks so cute for his piano recital. And I LOVE your outfit from that evening. Haha. I want to be relaxing like sweet P too!

    1. Oh, thank you!! I actually took a halter dress (that was not appropriate) and added a button-up on top (making it perfect for the occasion!) :)


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